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Cuddling Buddies

Regular grooming is an important and necessary part of keeping your pets healthy and happy. 

Call us today to schedule a wash, trim, deshedding, and more!


M-F 8:30-5:30

Our full service grooming includes the following: Bath, blow dry, nails clipped and filed, ears cleaned, teeth brush, gland expression, desired haircut and a cologne spritz. 

Full Grooming

All breeds are charged an hourly rate, starting at $75per hour, for full haircuts. 

Wash + Touch up

Small breeds





currently not accepting large breeds

*Grooming prices vary depending on size, hair length and overall difficulty. We are unable to quote an exact price over the phone, without grooming the pet first, because of each pets individual needs. 

Additional services

Blueberry facial   

Nail Trims (appointment only) 

Deep Sea Mud Bath  

Whitening Treatment  

DeShed treatment + Furminator 

Flea Shampoo treatment   

Deskunk Treatment  








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